Besnek Jiu Jitsu

Besnek Jiu Jitsu began in 2017 with Murat Besnek training with a few friends to prepare for international competitions. As a family man, Murat was unable to train as often at De Been Jiu Jitsu in St Kilda as he once had. As the word got out about the local competition training, more and more people wanted to train with Murat. What started off as a Jiu Jitsu competition training session with friends, Murat was soon fielding questions and teaching techniques to his peers. Two years later, Besnek Jiu Jitsu has a loyal following of students who train for competition, fitness and some fun.

Murat Besnek is a First-Degree Black Belt under Peter de Been, and has competed and won many State, National and Pan Pacific medals. Also, as mentioned above, Besnek Jiu Jitsu was once solely a place where people trained for competition. However, these days, Besnek Jiu Jitsu is more predicated on creating a balanced lifestyle rather being a school which solely emphasises competition. This does not mean competition training is not available at Besnek Jiu Jitsu, it is just that the goal has now become much broader due to demand.

While training Jiu Jitsu, Murat also aims to provide an opportunity for members to regain physical fitness and mental well-being. Furthermore, he also wants to offer an avenue for members to socialise in a healthy way, utilising the time spent away from home and family in a more productive manner. As for kids, Murat wants to give them a chance to have fun and get strong while learning practical Jiu Jitsu techniques. Jiu Jitsu is great for kids as it keeps their minds occupied while helping them learn how to defend themselves. It is also an opportunity for them to build friendships and practise social skills all the while staying active.

It is also important to assert that Murat understands very well to excel at the elite level in any field requires total dedication. He is more than happy to accommodate and assist anybody trying to win major titles in Jiu Jitsu or MMA. He did dedicate himself for many years attempting to make the National Basketball League (NBA), completing his Ph.D. in Economics, and trying to win major titles in Jiu Jitsu. He still currently competes internationally in Jiu Jitsu competitions a couple of times a year chasing that dream of winning an international medal while working full-time as an academic teaching Economics at Charles Sturt and La Trobe University.